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Friday, 4 August 2017

After Cleaning Instructions

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Now that your carpets have been cleaned and have that fresh, fluffy feeling you want to make sure they dry properly and stay clean! Also there are other precautions you need to take, so read carefully and observe these instructions so your carpets look great, last longer and your home is healthy for you and your family.

After Cleaning Instructions

Slip Hazards. While carpet is damp during and after the cleaning process, please use caution when walking from a damp carpet surface to a hard floor surface. Tile floors become extremely slippery--just like walking on ice. So use extreme caution when having to walk on damp carpet areas. Also please warn all other family members of this caution.

Drying Time. Airflow and low humidity is essential to quick dry times. When the weather is warm, open windows and run ceiling fans or attic fans. When the weather is cold, turn heat up from 72 to 75 degrees and crack a few windows to allow moisture to escape. With low humidity levels in Colorado, carpets usually dry quickly (3-6 hours give or take in most cases). The factors that make for longer drying times are carpets that are heavily soiled and also carpets that have carpet protector applied. Then drying times are more like 8 or more hours.

Furniture Moving. Please do not remove any Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs for at least 24 hours! Also do not put furniture back on carpet for at least 24 hours! Any furniture moved by Allied will be put on blocks or plastic tabs. This is to protect your furniture when moved to clean under furniture. If blocks or plastic tabs are removed prior to carpet being completely dry damage from rust stains and difficult furniture stains transferring to carpet could occur. Also furniture removed by you before cleaning must not be replaced until completely dry, perhaps 12 - 24 hours later. If these instructions are not followed and damage occurs, the client is responsible for paying for a return visit to try to rectify the problem. Note: permanent damage, or staining may result.

Resoiling. In addition to keeping furniture off the damp carpet, please use caution and only walk on freshly cleaned carpets with clean soled shoes or clean feet. Failure to do so could transfer dirt and resoil the clean carpets. Should this occur, the client understands that any re-cleaning done as a result will be paid by the client. We provide carpet booties to all of our clients.

Keep Children and Pets Off Freshly Cleaned Carpets. Please allow carpets to completely dry before allowing children and pets to use carpet areas. We use only the safest cleaning solutions, but because children and pets play down on the carpeted areas we want to make sure the carpet is dry first to prevent potential resoiling.

Do Not Vacuum for at Least 48 Hours. Especially if a carpet protector has been applied. Time is needed for the bonding of the protectant with the fibers. Vacuuming too soon may remove some of the protectant.

Spots and Stains. The technician has explained that certain spills (coffee, red dye-based spills, pet spots and biological spills may be permanent). The amount of time they have been on the carpet, the temperature and penetration,also the acid content and dyes in the spill all affect the success rate of removing the spill. In addition, some spills may be trapped under carpet and could reappear after initial cleaning. Another thing that could affect cleaning success is what the client used to try to remove spot prior to our visit. Some spotting agents may set spots, making it a permanent stain.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Walk-Behind Carpet Cleaning Machines: For Fast and Easy Cleaning of Large Areas

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Walk-behind carpet cleaning machines are excellent options when one needs to maintain vast carpeted areas. In hotels, offices or casinos featuring long corridors with carpeted floors, cleaning experts generally have to drag heavy rug washers to clean every inch of the carpet.

This can seriously affect productivity and efficiency. Alternatively, walk-behind carpet cleaning machines are easy to move and maneuver and, therefore, more easy to operate.

Walk-Behind Carpet Cleaning Machines

To ensure impressive cleaning results in commercial settings, the walk behind carpet cleaning machines must feature high pressure levels, air flow, and water column lift. The portable carpet cleaner must ideally come with large cleaning path to enable fast cleaning of carpets. To help maintain tight spaces and crevices, it would be a good idea to choose rug washers with durable attachments and accessories.

The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 from Daimer® is one of the fastest selling versions of walk behind carpet cleaning machines available for commercial and industrial applications. It features pressure levels of 220 psi, water column lift of 160 inches and air flow of 110 cfm for powerful cleaning and extraction capabilities. The 50 feet long power cord and 20 inch cleaning path help maintain large areas without moving the machine. More details about this box-type rug cleaner are available at

Friday, 14 July 2017

Before Cleaning Instructions

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You are going to have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. What things do you need to do to prepare for your carpet cleaning? Listed below is instructions how to prepare for your cleaning.

Before Cleaning Instructions

Pick Up Small Items: The first thing you can do is to pick up all small things from the carpet area being cleaned. Such as toys, plants, and small pieces of furniture ( dining room chairs, ottomans, etc.).

Pre Vacuum: Some carpet cleaning companies pre vacuum carpets prior to cleaning as part of their cleaning package. Some do not vacuum to help keep your cleaning price down. So ask the company before if vacuuming is included with your cleaning service. If not, then pre vacuuming all the areas being cleaned would be recommended. 

Space in Your Driveway: If you can, have a spot for the carpet cleaning company to park in your driveway. Most carpet cleaning companies have their cleaning equipment mounted in their cleaning truck or van. They usually need to hook up their carpet cleaning hoses from their truck and bring in hoses into your home. That is why the carpet cleaning company needs to be able to park as close as possible to the garage or front door access.

Areas of Concern: Before the carpet cleaning company arrives, look at your carpet and figure out all the areas of concern. Such as bad spots and spills you are concerned about. If you know what the spot and spill is from, that information can greatly increase the carpet cleaner’s ability of being able to remove the spots. Also high traffic lanes that you can point out to the carpet cleaning company. All of this will greatly help the carpet cleaner to do a better job for you when they know all of your cleaning concerns.

Slip & Fall Hazards: When having your carpets cleaned, make sure you and everyone in the house is aware of the possible slip and fall hazards. Most every cleaning method uses one form of moisture to clean the carpets. When you walk from a carpet area that is damp from cleaning solutions to a hard surface area it can be a slip hazard. Tile floors and linoleum floors can be like walking on ice when you have cleaning solution on the bottom of your shoes. It is best to stay off damp carpet areas until dry. If you need to walk on damp carpet areas use extreme caution when going from the carpet to hard surface floor.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Carpet Cleaning Machine: How to Reduce Water Consumption!

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There are some types of carpet washing machines that help reduce water consumption.

These low flow carpet washer machines offer multiple benefits. Once you cut down the water usage, neither will you have to worry about excessive bills, nor will you have to spend on expensive water collection and disposal mechanisms. These carpet washer systems are environment friendly, and can be used even under drought conditions where water for commercial use is rationed.

Carpet Cleaning Machine: How to Reduce Water Consumption!

A carpet cleaning machine that does not use too much water has another upside. It helps in quicker carpet drying. Where usually carpets take 24 hours to dry after washing, a low flow carpet cleaning machine reduces the drying time in as little as two to six hours.

This eliminates the likelihood of fungal growth, as fungi can germinate only on moist surfaces. If you are serious about getting the best service out of your carpet extractor, make sure to buy a low flow model.

Other features that your carpet cleaning machine should have include high temperature, adequate vacuum pressure, and right hose length. Hoses that are too short will compel the operator to move the carpet extractor while cleaning, hence reducing productivity. Brands, such as Daimer®, offer a range of commercial carpet cleaning machines that are effective and easy to use.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Carpet Cleaning - Reasons For Overall Cleaning

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Even though vacuuming can remove most of the dry soils and some of the allergens, it is also very necessary to have your carpet professionally cleaned by Jolly Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners, Inc. on a regular basis to remove the oily, sticky soil and remaining allergens that build up in the pile as a result of cooking vapors, air pollution from outside, and tracked in dirt.

Carpet Cleaning - Reasons For Overall Cleaning

The particles of sticky soil deposited on the carpet fibers can cause  gradual but significant dulling on delicate pastel colors.  The color isn't lost, but hidden under under the film created by the soils, allergens, and residues. If this type of soil is allowed to accumulate, the carpet will begin build up, allowing dry soils to stick to the fibers.  As this happens, these soils and allergens go deeper in the carpet beginning to cause premature carpet wear and potential allergy problems.  These soils can become gummy and be very difficult to remove, sometimes requiring several professional steam extraction cleanings at close intervals.

At Jolly Carpet Cleaners, we recommend that your carpet be steam cleaned before it becomes unsightly.  Once it becomes less that beautiful, the damage has already begun.  The longer stains remain in the carpet, the harder, and sometimes less likely, to be removed.  When the carpet is cleaned at the recommended intervals by Jolly Carpet Cleaners, your cleaning results will be far more successful and pleasing to you.

Myth or Fact

It is a myth that if carpet is cleaned to soon that it gets dirtier faster.  It is a fact that carpet should be cleaned at least once per year depending on the traffic use of any particular area.  Further more, Shaw Carpet Mills has put in their warranty requirements that your carpet be cleaned, by a residue free method (steam cleaning) every 12 to 16 months or they can void the stain part of your warranty.  Some heavy used and soiled rooms may require cleanings two or three times per year.

FACT!: You Cannot Properly Clean A Carpet Too Frequently!

Let Jolly Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners clean your carpets so you will see the difference of how your carpet performs and looks.  You will be glad you did.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Looking for a dependable & local cleaning service?

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A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning is family owned and operated. Proudly serving metro Denver for 30 years, we’re the Colorado carpet cleaner you can trust. All of our cleaning and repair services are performed by trained and professional IICRC Certified techs. We’re educated and informed on all fabrications-carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Looking for a dependable & local cleaning service

Regular professional cleaning can extend the life of your carpets. Whether you’re in the mood for spring cleaning or preparing for holiday guests, expert cleaning by the pros at A Personal Touch will eliminate pet and cigarette odors, deodorizing your floor coverings and furniture. Our services leave your home smelling truly fresh and inviting vs. the nauseating cover-up scent sprays produce.

Improve the odds of selling your home fast by calling on A Personal Touch to clean the carpets, grout and tile professionally before putting it on the market. We repair worn carpet—seam repair or re-stretching to make it look like new. We can spray fabric protector on your upholstery to keep it clean long after we’ve finished our work.

Our techs are expert at flood remediation and water damage repairs. We steam clean your carpets and mattresses with high-heat steam to rid your home of bedbugs or other infestations. And we’re the one to call to clean air ducts and vents to ensure that the air you and your family breathe is clean and healthy year-round.

We are on time, thorough and meticulous. We don’t overlook any detail of your carpet or upholstery cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on this philosophy: "You won’t see us cutting any corners-we’ll be cleaning them!"

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning?

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For decades there have been many carpet cleaning myths about that prevent homeowners from getting regular, professional carpet cleaning services. The team at 5 Brothers Cleaning has heard these myths and we’re here to debunk them so you can get the best enjoyment out of your home flooring.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning

  1. You shouldn’t walk barefoot on your carpets. We’re surprised when we hear this, because walking barefoot on clean, soft carpets is so enjoyable! The idea is that the natural oils in your feet will transfer to the carpet or fine rugs and eventually destroy the fibers.
  2. Vacuuming often reduces the need for professional carpet cleaning. While vacuuming is great and should be performed regularly (especially if there are pets) it does not replace the need for hot water extraction cleaning. Any household vacuum won’t be strong enough to extract the particles of dirt, hair, skin cells and crumbs that get lodged in the carpet fibers and they build up over time. Plus, vacuuming can actually trigger allergies because some machines blow the dust back up into the air. Professional carpet cleaning gets all of the little particles your vacuum can’t get, no matter how often you vacuum, and will actually reduce allergens in the carpets and air.
  3. New carpets (under 3 years old) don’t need professional cleaning. Newer carpets might take longer to look visibly dirty, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have dirt, dust, hair or other particles deep within the fibers. In fact, when left for a long time new carpets can be damaged by not having these particles professionally removed. Carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet from the get go, and make it look brand new for years. It’s recommended that you get professional carpet cleaning once a year for typical household use.
  4. Professional cleaning can damage new carpets. This myth originated decades ago when professional cleaners used steam or excess water and soaps to clean carpets, and equipment wasn’t strong enough to remove the water and soap. This would cause mold, fiber stiffness and never effectively removed the dirt, often bringing it just under the surface where it was even more visible. Today, professional carpet cleaning methods use hot water extraction which efficiently removes all of the water that’s used (which reduces the drying time to one hour) and soap-free cleansers do not leave any residue behind. The machines used are gentle for all carpet types and do not damage or disrupt decorative carpets, fine rugs or any fiber material.
  5. Wool carpets and rugs should not be cleaned because they’ll shrink. There is a slight truth to this myth, in that steam cleaning can cause a slight unraveling of the wool, but a professional carpet cleaner will use hot water extraction, not steam. Sometimes hot water extraction can be confused for steam cleaning, so make sure you know which service you’re getting. Hot water extraction removes all water and has a very short drying time, so the wool will remain intact and not be damaged at all.
  6. Carpets and rugs should be dry cleaned only. This myth comes from old methods and improper equipment that left large amounts of water in the carpet, and dry cleaning was recommended because it doesn’t use water. However, hot water extraction cleaning methods are the most effective at removing the microscopic dirt, dust and hair particles that get lodged in carpets, and the heat ensures a more sanitary clean than dry cleaning can provide, and all water is removed using current methods.
  7. Carpets show soil more quickly after being professionally cleaned. The idea is to wait a long time in between cleanings because spots resurface and because the soap used leaves a residue which attracts more dirt. Both of these are simply signs of a poor quality carpet clean. A quality professional will use a synthetic cleanser, not an oily soap, and have a quality machine to extract all of the water used, so dirt is not attracted to carpets and all soils are completely removed.